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MTC Corporate University

MTC Corporate University (MTCCU) is where strategy meets leadership.  As part of a broad strategic plan, MTC places an unequaled emphasis on the personal and professional growth of its employees.  MTC offers high-impact programs through hands-on and technology-enhanced learning to a wide array of audiences.


Because MTC focuses on the leadership development of all staff members – line staff, supervisors, managers, and executives – training platforms are accessible, versatile and adaptable.   MTC offers traditional classroom workshops and conferences, webinars and online training, self-study sessions and formal mentoring programs.



All MTC employees have access to MTCCU’s programs and training materials such as:

  • Line staff can access personal and professional development resources to help them develop greater work skills and knowledge.  MTC researches the latest trends and topics, while also continuously updating staff resources.  Topics include: dealing with stress, time management, problem solving, team building, health and wellness, and communication essentials.
  • Managers are encouraged to use lesson plans developed exclusively by MTC to train their staff.  MTC training experts research and create specific lesson plans and share them with onsite trainers and facilitators.  These comprehensive plans include: trainers’ guides, presentation materials, assessments, summary pages, surveys and evaluations. 
  • MTC has trained thousands of supervisors, managers and executives over the years through our exclusive leadership development programs.  These programs are designed for MTC supervisors, managers, and executives.  

MTC recognizes learning is a life-long process.  Employees are continuously encouraged to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities.  MTC’s Corporate University drives performance by providing learning opportunities and focuses on:

  • Maximizing the potential of MTC employees
  • Broadening opportunities for career growth and professional development
  • Demonstrating a commitment to employees
  • Achieving organizational objectives