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Founded in 1981, Management & Training Corporation (MTC) is a privately- held company headquartered in Centerville, Utah. MTC successfully operates Job Corps, corrections, medical, and international workforce development contracts serving disadvantaged populations. MTC's track record of integrity, leadership, performance, and innovation has made it the U.S. Department of Labor's largest Job Corps operator and the third largest operator of private adult correctional facilities.


We are poised to expand our medical, international workforce development divisions by capitalizing on our job training, education, and management expertise.


Management & Training Corporation (MTC) is people helping people.  MTC is trained professionals with decades of experience, assisting others in getting their lives back on track.  MTC has spent decades educating and training people to become productive citizens.


Today Management & Training Corporation employs more than 9,000 people around the world who recognize the learning potential of others. MTC creates cultures where learning is encouraged and recognized. Self-respect, confidence and program accomplishments create opportunities to improve quality of life.


Management & Training Corporation consists of Job Corps, Corrections, MTC Medical and Economic & Social Development divisions.  Each of these divisions provides life-changing opportunities through academic, career, technical, and social skills training programs.  MTC manages contracts for these divisions at its corporate headquarters in Centerville, Utah and at satellite offices in Georgia, Texas, and Washington DC.    


Education & Training

This is where MTC began, as a contracted operator of Job Corps centers for the United States Department of Labor.  Job Corps was established in 1964 as a part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty.  Nearly 50 years later it is still going strong, with more than 120 federally-sponsored training centers in the US and Puerto Rico.  Job Corps provides educational and vocational opportunities from young men and women, ages 16 to 24.  This residential training is free to qualified students.


MTC has long been the nation’s leader in providing Job Corps management.  MTC operates, or partners in operating, more centers than any other management provider.  MTC is the number one performer of all management companies that operate more than three Job Corps centers.  MTC instructs approximately 12,000 Job Corps students each year.



Building on our experience in operating residential job training programs, in 1987 MTC entered the private corrections industry.  MTC operates its corrections division with the philosophy rehabilitation through education.  To ensure it operates the highest quality correctional facilities, MTC pursues nationally-recognized accreditations from the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the Correctional Education Association (CEA). 


Today MTC is the third largest private operator of adult correctional facilities in the world.  The company operates federal and state correctional facilities in Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, New Mexico, Ohio, Mississippi, and Texas.  MTC has the capacity to serve 31,102 inmates, in addition to maintaining the highest level of security, MTC’s priority is in offering quality customer service.



The Economic & Social Development division was established in 2004 to provide vocational training to citizens in Iraq. At the time this project was the only one in that country designed to directly address the needs of unemployed Iraqi citizens. Training centers in volatile areas like Sadr City provided vocational assistance to more than 8000 Iraqis. Over the past few years, the Economic & Social Development division has participated in research and retraining efforts in China, Mongolia, Southern Sudan, Tunisia, Pakistan, Jordan, Palestine, Indonesia and Haiti. MTC often partners with other organizations to provide programming opportunities in countries around the world.



This division was created in 2005 to provide medical and dental care at correctional facilities across the United States.  This MTC division operates both within MTC-operated correctional facilities and in non-MTC facilities.  To serve these inmate populations, MTC also draws upon its decades of experience in running medical facilities at Job Corps centers across the country.  Either as MTC Medical, or in other capacities, Management & Training Corporation operates more than 40 medical facilities throughout the country.  



MTC builds customer and public trust by:

  • Achieving high operational performance
  • Operating programs within budget
  • Rewarding innovation and excellence
  • Implementing customer policies and procedures
  • Εxceeding contractual requirements
  • Providing safe and secure working, living, and learning environments
  • Building partnerships with customers, local communities, employers, workforce development agencies, and vendors



As an industry leader, Management & Training Corporation

  • Educates and trains nearly 8,000 young adults at Job Corps centers each day.
  • Has the capacity to securer 30,734 offenders and detainees at correctional facilities each day.
  • Operates 44 medical facilities at Job Corps centers and correctional facilities.
  • Maintains 761 buildings and inventory comprising approximately 10 million square feet of space on 3,595 acres of land.
  • Serves 130,500 meals each day at its facilities.
  • Works with approximately 1,500 community leaders in councils to make sure each facility keeps residents informed and meets community needs.
  • Graduates about 180 supervisors and 50 senior managers and executives each year from its employee leadership development programs.
  • Supports more than 9,500 computers on 95 servers through its wide-area network.
  • Employs more than 900 academic and career and technical education teachers.


For more information on MTC, please go to MTC At-a-Glance.