An Instructor at Philadelphia Job Corps is Recognized for Being an Outstanding Teacher

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) instructor Tim Wilent was named Educator of the Month by Acme Markets in Philadelphia. He was selected by the Greater Philadelphia market leader—Acme Markets—after being nominated by his EMT class at MTC’s Philadelphia Job Corps Life Science Institute.

Despite being new to Philadelphia Job Corps, Tim has been teaching for five years. His students greatly admire him and as a result are extremely dedicated to their new careers.

During the height of the recent flu season, student Shania Fletcher had to miss school. But she didn’t want to miss her instructor’s lesson, so she joined via Facetime. Not only did she manage to “virtually” attend class, she was even dressed in her trade uniform. Now that’s commitment—and Tim plays a big role in his students’ dedication.

Career Technical Training Manager John Brandt says, “Tim’s ability to engage his students shows up in his students attendance records, attitudes, and learning gains. He has raised the bar for our minimal threshold for passing the EMT course from 70% to 75% with plans to go higher. His reports are accurate, timely, and informative. He incorporates differing learning techniques into his lesson plans. He follows his lesson plans. He always has back-up or incremental learning opportunities. He provides an accurate syllabus and course of study schedule on the first day of class (in addition to course expectations, requirements, and state mandates). This is a perfect story of how a great teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination, and instill a love of learning.”