Chicago Job Corps Carpentry Students Support Local Charitable Event

Carpentry students at the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center used their skills to once again support the annual Misericordia Family Fest. Misericordia serves the needs of those with developmental disabilities in the greater Chicago area. The annual event raises money for Misericordia’s noble mission.

“We had the privilege of working with Misericordia for the past 16 years,” said Bill Close, lead instructor for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters/Chicago Job Corps.

Students and staff worked together to build shelving and structures for the annual event.

“This is a great opportunity,” adds instructor Randy Wuestenberg, “for the students to interact with disabled youth their own age, the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Union members, and other volunteers. This project trains and prepares the student for their new careers.”

Maillup Pulliam, one the lead carpentry students, said, “This is good, hands-on experience.” Maillup then said, with a smile on his face, “I am one of the best carpentry students, and I still learned something new. And I had fun.”