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PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)

To make an allegation of inmate-on-inmate or staff-on-inmate sexual abuse or sexual harassment, please contact via email the MTC Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) coordinator. MTC will ensure an administrative or criminal investigation for all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. MTC PREA contact:

Mark Lee, MTC PREA Coordinator, Mark.Lee@mtctrains.com
Mike Atchison, Assistant PREA Coordinator, Mike Atchison@mtctrains.com

MTC Annual PREA Reports (115.87, 115.88, 115.89)

PREA Audits: Auditor’s Summary Reports (115.403)

First One-year Audit Period – Aug 20, 2013 to Aug 19, 2014

Second One-year Audit Period – Aug 20, 2014 to Aug 19, 2015

Third One-year Audit Period – Aug 20, 2015 to Aug 19, 2016

Fourth One-year Audit Period – Aug 20, 2016 to Aug 19, 2017


Fifth One-year Audit Period – Aug 20, 2017 to Aug 19, 2018


MTC’s PREA Investigation Referrals document indicates the party(ies) responsible for 6 basic steps of the investigative process at MTC correctional facilities in PREA cases with a criminal element.

First Response & Evidence Collection 115.64, Gathering of Direct and Circumstantial Evidence 115.71, Storage and Maintenance of Direct and Circumstantial Evidence 115.71, Criminal Investigation and Investigative Conclusion in Written Report 115.71, Referral for Prosecution 115.71, Reporting of Investigation Results to Inmates 115.73.

It should be noted that at every facility there are some steps of the process that are performed by both (or either) intermittently as the case requires, the MTC facility investigative staff and the investigative authority to which the case was referred.


MTC PREA Policy: Ensuring Safe Prisons