Former Offender says Lockhart helped her “Look forward to a brighter future!”

MTC’s mission in corrections is to help the men and women in our care make lasting changes—so it’s always heartwarming to learn that former offenders are moving forward and doing well after they’re released.

One former offender wrote Lockhart Correctional Facility Warden James Frawner a card expressing her appreciation for the programming and other opportunities she had during her eleven months at the facility. She writes,

“I’ll never forget all you have done for me. The eleven months I have spent here were very much worth it. The Changes classes, as well as, Woman to Woman and Walk Tall have given me new ways of accepting responsibility, forgiveness, restitution, accountability, reconciliation, and my journey. The Bible study classes you made possible and the many church services I attended have strengthened my faith, hope, and belief…[these classes and activities] allowed me to move beyond the past, live in the moment, and look forward to a brighter future!”