Local jail officials tour and praise MTC’s Bridgeport Facility

Seven staff members from the Wise County Jail toured MTC’s Bridgeport Correctional Center.

“The facility is very well maintained and clean,” says Rick Denney, Wise County Jail administrator. “Staff were professional and courteous. Warden (Jennifer) Brown has a very professional operation.”

The jail staff were able to see firsthand the differences between a jail and a prison. After seeing the programs that are available at the Bridgeport facility, Administrator Denney commented, “The programs are probably the biggest difference.”

Impressed with the effort involved to make the programs available and with the level of offender engagement, Administrator Denney encouraged the community at large to learn more about the good work going on inside the walls of the Bridgeport facility.

“I think it would be good for the community,” he said, “to see the programs that are designed to help offenders upon release.”