MTC Center Directors Share Best Practices to Engage Youth and Increase Outcomes

MTC Job Corps center directors along with corporate staff are meeting in Washington, D.C. this week to discuss best practices. MTC is the largest operator of the Job Corps program and has trained hundreds of thousands of young Americans since 1981.
MTC Senior Vice President of Education & Training John Pedersen led the group in discussions about enhancing education and training opportunities for Job Corps students and improving overall student services.
“You are a tremendously talented group of leaders,” said Mr. Pedersen to the center directors in attendance at the conference. “There’s no greater sense of fulfillment than to see a young person-who had little opportunity for success in the workplace-blossom and gain the skills needed to be extremely successful in the job market. It’s because of you and your staff that thousands of America’s youth are gainfully employed and able to support themselves and their families.”

The group also discussed the importance of helping students more students enroll in the nation’s most successful pre-apprenticeship program. For more information about Job Corps or to learn how to apply, click here.​