MTC Corporate University

MTC’s Corporate University makes a tangible, lasting contribution to our staff and the clients we serve—making MTC a leader in social impact.  We place an unequaled emphasis on the personal and professional growth of our employees by offering high-impact development and training programs.  Using a blended approach of classroom, experiential, and digital learning strategies, the MTC Corporate University training team produces effective results.  The training programs foster an open forum to share different perspectives, discuss ideas, and gain additional skills and knowledge. 

MTC provides staff members with numerous opportunities to enhance their expertise and strive for greater achievement.  MTC’s Corporate University focuses on:

  • Maximizing the potential of MTC employees
  • Broadening opportunities for career growth and professional development
  • Providing quality services for students, offenders, and people worldwide
  • Providing supervisors, managers, and executives mentoring and leadership coaching

Well-trained staff members and leaders make a significant impact on the lives of those we serve.