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Delivering comprehensive rehabilitation services to reduce reoffending


MTCnovo is an organization of third, public and private sector partners. Our aim is simple - to reduce reoffending in the United Kingdom (UK) by harnessing the skills of probation staff and delivering modern methods of rehabilitation which are rooted in the traditional values of the UK probation service.

MTCnovo Overview

MTCnovo passionately believes in and seeks to embody the best, historic values of the probation service, care for the individual, respect the professionalism of the probation service and, within it, the importance of learning – delivered in modern, innovative ways.

Expertise & Services

MTCnovo will draw on a philosophy of caring to provide ex-offenders with a series of proven, tailored interventions that give them the opportunity to improve their lives and be successfully reintegrated back into society.

Key Community Partners

MTCnovo is founded on the principles of partnership and we draw on decades of experience in public, community, and justice services.


Providing services to 30,000 offenders, probationers, and parollees in the United Kingdom

Employment Opportunities

To join MTCnovo, send your CV and cover letter to careers@mtcnovo.co.uk.

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