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The change is real. And we couldn’t do any of this without the dedication and commitment of our valuable staff.

"We started to try and improve the technical education in Egypt. And we started to try and identify the gaps

“Our seamanship program is so fortunate to have one of the premier maritime entities in the world in our own

“This class made me more aware of how my choices affected so many people, and I gained empathy for others.”

“The reason why I’m here is because I grew up in a tough neighborhood, and I’m just here to change

“I would recommend the Job Corps experience to anyone who wants to get off the couch and get started.”

“You are beloved by all.  Not just the offenders, but by us as well.  You help us tremendously, in more

While behind bars, some inmates are showing off their sewing skills — all for a good cause.

These blankets were made by inmates who participate in the Taft Correctional Institution’s quilting program. They were donated to the

More than 90 men at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility have earned their GED since MTC took over.

“I have had the pleasure to benefit from outstanding performance of some staff for the past nine months."

“It’s a great day to meet with new people. And I’m very excited because I’m helping the community.”

“Being here today reminds me each of us has within them the ability to inspire, to motivate, to change."

Each year OCPF prepares baskets filled with all the items to make a complete Thanksgiving meal.

"It is hard to find contractors who do tiling for a living whose work measures up to Job Corps students

“It helps them bring out their talent and creativity which is very good for self-esteem building."

Gustavo Torres told his instructor in career preparation that someday he wanted to own his own business. “I think that was

If we have detainees and we have staff team members that are happy, they’ve eaten a good meal, balanced, it

On Wednesday, her students made a field trip to the Philadelphia Job Corps Life Science Institute, where they learned, just

Cleveland Correctional Center Warden Michael Upshaw said these men are on track to get out. And they can either leave