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Maintaining and renovating a 120-year-old plantation-era seminary building—which is now the site of the Maui Job Corps Center—is no easy

The program results in 100% of graduates finding employment with 90 days of release.

"I’m like a ship that went out to sea, got lost out there; but soon I will find this lighthouse

"I was working at a dead-end job." But this student's life changed after he found the Wilmington Job Corps Center.

"My time here at MTC made me see myself as a person, not a troublesome person."

"This letter serves as support for the partnership the City of Albany has with Turner Job Corps."

"This is probably the best detention center that I’ve ever walked through. Just the passion that you feel walking through it.

"Just because you’re incarcerated doesn’t mean that the doors are closing on you and you can’t achieve anymore.”

“I never thought I would ever own a suit, and today I get to go back home with three suits

"From the warden on down, truly, in my mind, have an interest in the inmates and their well-being,

Students from electrical, welding, construction, culinary arts, healthcare, and other trades put their skills to the test. 

Carpentry students at the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center used their skills to once again support the annual Misericordia

These clubs provide a forum for students to collaborate with each other in creating innovative, entrepreneurial projects and to develop

"The students did an amazing job. We could not have asked for anything better. They were amazing."

"They want to see you get out and stay free. They don’t treat you like you’re a criminal still. They

“You get a degree from Baylor University. I mean, who goes to prison and comes out with a degree from

    March 14, 2018 Offenders tend to in-house garden, all produce delivered to local charities Offenders in Management Training Corporation’s Billy Moore Correctional

“This is a great opportunity because it’ll allow me to find better work in Mexico and to be able to

"Completing the program at Humphrey," says Sanders, "was the best present I could have ever given my parents."

“I feel like if someone believes in you, actually believes that you can actually be a good person—it makes you