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"I would see the volunteers come in. And I would see the ones who had a heart for it; had

“Just knowing what’s going on in the community is valuable; networking also. I’ve seen a lot of students who are

“I think it’s great. It’s given me an opportunity to learn some work ethics and to be more positive."

“At first I was nervous to start talking to them all. But, I got comfortable very quickly."

“I think some people do get hopeless on the inside. So, I think it’s awesome what they’re doing.”

Multiple media outlets in Egypt recently published stories about a training conference held for the Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement

Most notably, she is the first Wind River student to be accepted into the International Union of Operating Engineers

"I’m able to take programming for my behavior, my thinking, my bad habits to charting a new course."

"You are preparing the offenders to leave your prison as a better adjusted, more confident and hopeful person!"

"For them to be able to take out of their busy schedules and come and just minister to us, and

The stories of success in Job Corps are endless. Below are the words of one graduate of the Brunswick Job

“Teaching those kids what I’ve been living the last eight months is easy, especially when they’re interested

The Taft Correctional Institution recently presented 16 inmates from the facility's satellite camp with their certificates of completion

"The fact that I was given another chance, the fact that I was given such high quality of treatment is

"I can say they give you a helping hand. They never try to hold you down.”

"When I first got here, the staff saw value in me and saw that I was more than a number."

“If the person is willing to except help and actually seek it

“I wanted to find a job I could enjoy, where I could make decent money. I heard about Job Corps

“I thought that it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. And it turns to be one of