Peer to Peer Training Prepares Egyptian Students for Success

USAID’s Egypt Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement Project (WISE)—implemented by MTC—is helping to roll out and strengthen a “peer to peer” program for students in technical schools in Egypt.  Ultimately, this peer to peer program will help students make a smooth and informed transition from student to workplace employment. 

The first phase of the program will consist of a pilot in eight schools.  Teachers in these schools will be trained in “peer to peer” counseling approaches so that they, in turn, can train, coach, and mentor the students who will become peer helpers. 

On behalf of MTC, Judy Tindall of the National Association of Peer Program Professionals recently provided training to a select number of Egyptian teachers from the eight pilot schools.  

“I was blown away,” says Judy, “with how much the teachers learned and their enthusiasm for the program.”