A Tour of the Lockhart Facility Reveals MTC’s Clear Focus on Rehabilitation

Texas Lutheran University students recently toured the all-female Lockhart Correctional Facility in Lockhart, Texas. In response to the experience of his students, Dr. Steve Boehm, of the Department of Political Science, Sociology, and Geography sent this thank you letter:

Dear Warden [Jennifer] Brown, 

As the [holidays] approach, I am reminded of how much I appreciate the openness and friendliness we experienced on our recent tour of the Lockhart Correctional Facility. My students had a terrific experience and came away with a new perspective on what happens inside a prison. I tried to make it clear to them that your facility is not typical, but regardless, they now know that prisons can have positive atmospheres where the focus is on rehabilitation rather than on punishment and simply “doing time”.  I greatly appreciate your allowing us to have that experience.