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MTC Overview

MTC: Making an impact in people’s lives since 1981:

Since 1981, Management & Training Corporation (MTC) has helped disadvantaged populations rise above their challenges to earn academic and technical training credentials and live meaningful, productive lives. MTC’s core business in Corrections, Education & Training, MTC Medical, and Economic & Social Development help people positively change their lives. The following short video provides an overview of MTC’s approach:

MTC Overview (PDF)
MTC is a leader in social impact by:
  • Providing effective rehabilitative programs and services to men and women to make their time in prison more productive and to reduce re-offending
  • Educating and training America’s at-risk youth so they have the technical and life skills they need to find and keep good jobs
  • Caring for the medical, dental and mental health needs of the men and women in our care
  • Providing workforce training to citizens of other countries so they can take care of themselves and their families
  • Reducing re-offending in the United Kingdom by providing transitional services to those serving time, probationers and parolees

“Twenty-two years old and I didn’t have anything going for me. No job, no education, nothing but the clothes on my back. I have made some pretty rash decisions, but this one decision, Job Corps, was my best choice.” ~ Ashley Gillespie, Current MTC Job Corps Student

By the numbers - MTC in 2018:
  • Helped 31,949 men and women earn vocational, educational, cognitive behavioral, substance abuse and life-skills certificates in correctional facilities and detention centers, helping reduce recidivism
  • These individuals completed 752,405 service hours helping improve local communities
  • Helped 11,923 Job Corps students earn their high school diploma/equivalency or complete a technical training program in a high-growth industry
  • Helped place 6,333 high-risk young Americans in quality jobs and higher education, or enlist in the military
  • Provided 40,250 diagnostic physical examinations, 32,245 comprehensive mental health assessments, and 22,818 dental evaluations to promote health and wellness
  • In the United Kingdom, MTCnovo provided supervisory and case management services daily to more than 27,000 men and women recently released from prison
  • In Egypt, MTC trained 15,762 teachers, master trainers, and students with technical and workforce readiness skills through the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Workforce Improvement and Skills Enhancement project

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