Angry at first for Being Incarcerated, One man in Idaho Turned things around for his benefit

“If the person is willing to accept help and actually seek it, and use it the way it needs to be used, then there is a lot of room for success.”

That’s the message from Nicholas Pipes who was recently released from MTC’s Idaho Correctional Alternative Placement Program (CAPP) facility.

Returning home to his fiancé and son, his successful completion of the program didn’t appear to be so achievable to Nicholas when he first entered the facility.

At first, Nicholas was upset that he had to experience any kind of incarceration as opposed to getting probation. Even though he wasn’t happy, he quickly made the decision to apply himself and get everything he could out of the program. He knew he needed to do his best.

Not only did Nicholas pass all of his programming classes, he also completed his GED.

“You get what you put into it,” he said, “and it is all about how you react to the program, whether you will be successful or not.”

Nicholas is generous in his praise of the Idaho CAPP staff, expressing his gratitude to them all, especially the instructors.