Bridgeport Names Betty Dawson Teacher of the Year

A big congratulations to Betty Dawson who’s been recognized as the Teacher of the Year at the Bridgeport Correctional Facility in Bridgeport, Texas.  Betty is an academic instructor and teaches adult basic education and GED. Her expertise includes ESL and a family health class as well. She is also a certified ‘Changes’ program instructor, chipping in when the full-time ‘Changes’ instructor is unavailable.

Warden Jennifer Brown, who has since transferred to another MTC facility, explains why Betty was selected as Teacher of the Year:

“She is determined to make a difference in all the offenders’ lives. Ms. Dawson’s BIONIC spirit propels her position as an academic instructor to be caring and shows a service above herself. She supports her colleagues and does the little things that keep the education department functioning. On her evenings, she continues to keep the offenders in mind and works part-time as an ESL teacher at the facility. Her dedication to ensure non-English speaking inmates are being taught in a classroom is remarkable. I am proud to call Ms. Betty Dawson a team player and a caring teacher.”