Brunswick Job Corps Graduate Explains Why Job Corps Was His Ticket to a New Start

The stories of success in Job Corps are endless. Below are the words of one graduate of the Brunswick Job Corps in Georgia who shares his story of success.

“My name is Issa Boatright, Jr., and I am from Savannah, Georgia. My reason for coming to Job Corps was to get control of myself, get my high school diploma, and get a trade. I did everything I came here to do.

It wasn’t always easy. But a lot of people helped me. The staff members at my center complimented me about my attentiveness. They kept telling me I was a good listener, and I appreciated their advice and encouragement. I’m proud of my new life and what I have done to get where I’m at.

Today, January 16, 2018, I graduate from Brunswick Job Corps with my diploma and a trade in landscaping. Tomorrow, January 17, 2018, I begin a job in landscaping with Horizon Staffing. I will be working in Pooler, Georgia.

Before coming to Job Corps, my mom was disappointed with the way my life was headed. My Mom’s no longer disappointed. Mom’s proud of me—real proud. I’m proud of myself. Thanks Job Corps!”