MTC Launches 40th Anniversary Celebrations with an Invitation

Scott feature
Scott Marquardt, President, MTC

Hi, I’m Scott Marquardt, president of MTC. I’m happy to officially launch MTC’s 40th anniversary celebrations! In 1981, MTC was created for the hope of changing people’s lives. And because of you, here we are today—40 years later—doing just that!

And in the spirit of helping others, we thought it would be fitting for the MTC family to participate in four community service projects this year- one per quarter.

This is what we’ve got planned.

STILL th anniv Scott Literacy

This quarter, we’re focusing on literacy. We’re asking staff to donate books that our facilities will distribute to various local organizations.

Second quarter, we’re tackling hunger.

Third quarter, we’re joining forces to fight mental illness.

And finally, in the fourth quarter, we’ll help ease the pain caused by homelessness.

Then, save this date. May 12. That’s the day current and former MTC staff will gather for an evening celebration of MTC’s 40th birthday. We’ll send you the details in the coming days. We hope you can make it as we celebrate 40 years of changing lives!