A Shining Light: How Veteran Agustin Saldana Serves the Imperial Regional Detention Facility and His Community

Agustin Saldana has worked at the Imperial Regional Detention Facility (IRDF) since 2014, shortly after the facility opened. “Coming to MTC, it’s been great,” says Agustin.

“He’s kind of a staple,” states Warden William DeRevere. “He’s a cornerstone as an officer, so you can always count on him. I think you easily gravitate towards him just because of the way he carries himself, the way he handles himself. He’s definitely a shining light here at IRDF.”

Edward Ruiz, assistant warden, agrees.

“He’s also one of the most respected people out here,” he says. “Not just from the staff, but from the detainees because of the way he carries himself, the way he’s able to talk to people. He always has a smile on his face. He’s always saying hi to everybody.”

Edward Ruiz, IRDF Assistant Warden.

Warden DeRevere continues, “I don’t think he’s an anomaly. He may be one of the ones that stands out because he’s been here for so long, and his approach has been the same for so long. But it’s definitely indicative of the staff here at IRDF.”

“I mean, we’re all grateful for the opportunity to be there,” Agustin says. “It’s one big family.”

Outside of work, Agustin is immersed in supporting veterans, especially those in need. A career Navy veteran himself, he’s deeply involved in multiple veterans’ organizations and shares his passion with the facility.

“He always has events to help out the VFW [and] to help out veterans that are in need,” explains Assistant Warden Ruiz. “He involves the facility.”

Agustin Saldana Supporting A Local Veterans Organization.

“But it’s basically a walking bulletin board is pretty much what I end up being,” Agustin states. “But I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do what I do.”

A talented mechanic, Agustin is quick to offer his skills to any staff members who need auto repairs. His desire to serve extends to lending a hand in any way he can to anyone who needs help.

“He’s the type of individual who makes those around him better and want to strive to be better,” says Warden DeRevere. “Not just his peers, even myself.”

Agustin states, “When somebody steps up and offers to help, that is what being an American is.”