At MTC, Our Staff Are Our Greatest Assets: Part I

In this video series, corrections leadership express their gratitude for their hardworking, professional, and caring staff.


Brian Gurney, former Acting Governor, Parklea Correctional Centre (Parklea, Australia):

Wardens Interviews Staff Appreciation PART Still
MTC staff.

“Staff are our greatest asset. So, I appreciate them highly. You know, without them, we can’t do anything. I have a philosophy that no one is more important than anyone else. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an admin person, whether you’re a programs officer, whether you’re a CEO, or whether you’re the governor. Everyone is just important as anyone else.”


Jesse Williams, Warden, Bay Correctional Facility (Panama City, Florida):

“They come in every day to try to make the lives of their residents better tomorrow than what they were yesterday. And for that, I appreciate them being consistent, being available, and having the passion that this company wants us to have to produce the quality of work that we do on a daily basis.”


Linda Thomas, Warden, Bridgeport Correctional Center (Bridgeport, Texas):

Wardens Interviews Staff Appreciation PART Still
MTC staff.

“Well, I really appreciate my staff in all different ways because they have their unique, different personalities, different attitudes. So, when you mix all that together, they all come together with time and need, just to focus on us as a family. So, with all of that, we’ve had some tragedies throughout our facility, but we’ve all came together to really show love.”


John Cochran, Warden, Billy Moore Correctional Center (Overton, Texas):

“You know, my staff, they’re just some of the most professional and caring folks. No matter what struggle we go through, I know I can depend on them. They’re going to get down and they’re going to be by my side, and they’re going to have my back, and they’re going to make sure that no matter what obstacle is in front of us, we’re going to overcome it. And it’s just – they’re amazing people.”


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