At MTC, We Believe in Creating a “Culture of Caring”

Jeff Barton, senior vice president of education & training at MTC, explains the efforts to build a caring culture at MTC.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity I have to work for MTC, where I get to join with all of you in helping people change their lives for the better every day. MTC is a learning organization that assists tens of thousands of underserved individuals to improve their lives. And this is very important – we want to help staff continuously improve their knowledge and skills, which helps those we serve and helps staff grow into bigger and better opportunities. And that is the purpose of MTC’s ‘Culture of Caring’ program: to ensure the employee experience is excellent from day one and to help employees want to stay with MTC for years to come.”

Employees at MTC-operated Job Corps centers shared their thoughts about MTC’s efforts to improve employee satisfaction.

“I think the culture of caring here means I have a network of coworkers and friends who support me and with my mission and needs, but also support our students with their missions,” says Kerri Alford.

Still Jeff
Job Corps student.

Tom Fitzwater also believes in the mission of MTC’s Culture of Caring program. “Studies have shown that staff members will stay with a job if they feel comfortable or respected by their supervisor or manager. I think the culture of caring really kind of focuses on the attention the supervisor and manager give to a new employee.”

“MTC does care, they do their best to make their staff feel appreciated, and to show them what they do is valuable,” says Josh Kuhn. “Not just to the company, but also to the students we serve.”

Still Jeff
MTC staff.

“What keeps me coming back to work each day, I promise, is the kids,” says Javon Dixon. “This is not my first teaching gig and I just love helping people get to that next level.”

Jeff Barton continues, “I couldn’t be prouder of the great work you do at our facilities day in and day out. It’s all because you care to make a real difference in the lives of your co-workers and those you serve. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to making MTC a leader in social impact. I look forward to your success and growth within the company.