At the Idaho CAPP Facility, We Embody MTC’s “BIONIC” Philosophy

In a recent interview, Warden Donald Manuz explained the culture of caring at the Idaho CAPP facility in Meridian, ID.

“We change lives by providing an atmosphere that is from the heart. It’s providing a culture that is welcoming. And we embody the BIONIC [‘Believe It Or Not I Care’ philosophy].

Warden Manuz fist bumps a staff member.

“I’ll give you an example. Just last week, in the span of a few minutes in the morning, I had a resident stop me in the hallway and say, ‘Warden, thank you so much for the opportunity to be here. This facility is like no other I’ve ever been in.’

“And I had another resident stop me a few minutes later and say, ‘Warden, I just want you to know that your staff really believe in the BIONIC. And they show it.’”

A staff member assists a student.