Community Leaders Talk About the Importance of the Job Corps Program

Some of Job Corps’ best support comes from community leaders and employers. In this video, community leaders from across the country talk about how the Job Corps program has helped them and their organizations be successful.

Vivian Scott is a recruiter and internship coordinator for Agilant Solutions. She says Job Corps is a smart way to start for young job seekers. She says, “What Job Corps does is allow training so they can at least get in the door.”

Louie Shapiro works for Hotel Central Park, which has two locations in New York City.  He says, “We hired eight or nine externs and seven of them stayed on full-time. And some of those folks have gone into supervisor positions and chef positions. So, I’ve had great success with the Job Corps program.”

Stills Chef Moore
Job Corps culinary arts student and staff.

Frances Rodriguez is a director for New York State Parks. She relies on graduates of the South Bronx Job Corps Center to fill key positions. “Our partnership is great. We count on them for so many different things.”

Bay View Urgent Care is just outside of Brooklyn, NY. Beth Schultz is the office manager at the urgent care facility. “I think it’s a very worthwhile program, yeah, absolutely,” says Beth Schultz, office manager at Bay View Urgent Care. “Especially for those who don’t have the resources to put themselves through school.”

Bob Beck works for the United Auto Workers (UAW) Union and is the advanced automotive director at the Clearfield Job Corps Center. “Job Corps is an awesome program. I think it’s a program that people don’t know enough about.”

Jackie Townsend is an instructor with the International Bricklayer Institute. She loves watching her students grow at the Chicago Job Corps Center. “Seeing them come in very green, not just about the trade, but about themselves. And to see them leave [Job Corps] feeling more positive about themselves, as well as being positive about the work that they’re going to produce in their career is very gratifying.”

Still Terrellus
Job Corps tile setting student.

Dr. Bijaw Afar, of NoHo Dental Group, says Los Angeles Job Corps fully prepares young people for the job market. “Just the amount of training they have given these kids, it’s fantastic. It’s money well spent.”

Cheryl Jones manages the Safari Zoo in Reno, NV, and is a proud partner of the Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center. Cheryl says Job Corps is a great program that leads young people in the right direction. “I wish I would have been at Job Corps. I didn’t even know about Job Corps. I would have enjoyed it!”