“Doing the Right Things When Nobody is Around” at the Willacy County State Jail

“Just wanted to say good morning and on behalf of Management & Training Corporation and the Willacy County State Jail, I’d like to welcome everyone in attendance to the quarterly Community Relations Committee meeting.”

It’s noon on a hot September day in Raymondville, TX. But the air is cool and the food delicious at the Willacy County State Jail, where the warden greets community leaders.

“So I’m going to go ahead and start off just by introducing myself. I’m new to the community. I’m new to the area. My name is Jacob Vigliante. I’ve been with MTC for 18 years.”

Back in 2008, Jacob was named the MTC Officer of the Year when he worked at the Otero County Prison Facility in Chaparral, NM. As such, he was profiled in an MTC video story. It was then he made it clear what his goals were: “Warden Frawner’s job,” he says with a smile. “Coming at ya, Warden Frawner.”

Well, Warden Frawner has since retired, so his job was safe. But over the last 15 years, Jacob has worked his way up the ladder. And since July of 2023, he is leading a facility that he is most proud of.

“As soon as I walked in through that front door, just the passion that all the officers and staff displayed, I mean, it was a breath of fresh air. They were doing the right things when nobody was around. They didn’t know who I was. You just see them working and just doing what needs to be done to fulfill the mission of the day. And so that was just a great thing to see. When I saw that, I was just like, ‘Man, I’m in a great place.’ And it just motivated me more.”

Willacy Tour Still
Willacy County State Jail staff with a resident.

MTC has had a presence in Raymondville for many years, but we’ve only been operating the Willacy County State Jail since November of 2021. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility has been in operation since 1995. There are 1,096 residents and 201 staff members.

“I’m just so proud of the staff here. As hard as they work, you know, in the community and out here inside the walls. So, you know, I can’t thank the staff enough. I’m just truly blessed to be the warden of the Willacy County State Jail.”