Employer Expresses Support for Job Corps Program

“There are not a lot of people who are actually willing to do this job. This job can’t be performed by a machine,” says Marko Lynch, owner and operator of Unique Tile in Evansville, Indiana. “So, for people who are wanting a secure job, this would be one of them. It’s very hard to find enough people to do such a demanding job.”

Well, Job Corps is here to help! And “here” is at the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center in Morganfield, Kentucky. The center is training young people in careers that are in high demand.

Stills Marco Tile
Terrellus Davenport, Job Corps graduate.

“As a business owner, I really support what Job Corps does for their students to get them ready to head out to the job,” says Marko. “Because it makes business owners, like me, so much more versatile to do things with them as they train their students. And when they walk in the door, we’re able to send them out the door to work and we don’t really need to train them because they’ve been trained.”

Wondosen Geberestsebeke works for Marko at Unique Tile. He graduated from the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center over 10 years ago. “Job Corps taught me the language, the culture, and [a job] trade, to help me survive in this country. And to be who I am right now I owe to Job Corps.”

And Terrellus Davenport just graduated from Job Corps and did his internship here. “Working at Unique Tile is a great learning experience and for getting hands-on training in the field,” he says.

Marko believes in Job Corps. “I would say Job Corps is a blessing, not luck. Luck is scratching a lottery ticket. A blessing is something that God gives to people whenever they deserve it. And all these kids that are there just need a chance. And Job Corps is there giving them what they ask for.”