Finding Inspiration through Education at the North Central Correctional Complex

Larbi Benkaddour is a resident at the North Central Correctional Complex in Marion, OH. During his time here, he’s found inspiration through the facility’s education program.

“For me,” explains Larbi, “this building is my island for freedom. I feel like I’m a human being when I come. We have the best staff – staff in education – they are warriors. I love everyone. I feel in my home when I come in, I feel I’m in my home.”

North Central Larbi Benkaddour Still
Larbi Benkaddour and his instructor.

Now, after learning English and earning his GED, Larbi shares his inspiration with others as a resident tutor as he awaits to attend school at Marion Technical College.

“We say everybody has a wolf inside – a bad wolf and a good wolf – and the stronger is who you feed. I want to feed the good wolf because that’s how I do that. When I see the light in the eyes of students, it’s like ‘Eureka!’ I’m really happy.”

Larbi chose to see his prison sentence as a blessing and takes the opportunity each day to find ways he can improve.

“Because one day I have to return back to the community. If I don’t work on myself, I’m sure when I return back to the street, I will be six years from that. I have to update myself and work on myself.”

North Central Larbi Benkaddour Still
Larbi Benkaddour and fellow resident.

Thanks to the staff at North Central, Larbi was able to discover his love of learning and continue his education.

“I’m especially thankful for staff. They have hard times, and I’m especially thankful for them and I appreciate what they do and I hope all the best for everybody.”