Gaining New Knowledge Through MTC’s Leadership Academy for Executives

“The Leadership Academy for Executives is a leadership program put on by MTC,” says Nick Haw, director of career transition services at the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center in Morganfield, KY. “It’s an opportunity for us to gain knowledge in several different areas in Job Corps. Every month we have different lessons, along with guest speakers and writing assignments that are due.”

Nick Haw is part of MTC’s Leadership Academy for Executives (LAE). He believes the program shows that MTC is rooting for him and helping him do everything possible to succeed in his job and grow in his career.

“Career growth is an opportunity that comes from the Leadership Academy for Executives program,” he explains. “It gives us the ability to move on from where you are currently at to a position like a center director or deputy director, or even working in the MTC corporate office. And those opportunities can come from these classes.”

Stills Nick Haw
Nick Haw with other LAE participants.

Nick has worked at the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center for over 18 years. He’s held many different positions during his time there.

“Learning never stops,” Nick says. “Every day you learn something from somebody. Whether it’s from one of our students, like maybe their home story or something in their life, and the staff members teach you something new every day, as well.”

Stills Nick Haw
Nick Haw with a student.

He continues, “The other part about the LAE program is we have monthly lessons online and lessons we go through in person. And we have the opportunity to learn from other staff members at other Job Corps centers [such as] their experiences and what they see and hear from their students. We’re building a bond and a group atmosphere, and we can rely on each other.”

Nick says he appreciates MTC leadership and his center director for selecting him for the training program.

Tessa Gough, center director at the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center explains, “When MTC said they were looking for new candidates for LAE, my first thought was to ask Mr. Haw. He’s a great leader, he cares about what the program is. He cares about the students here, making sure they are successful. So, it was the next stepping stone for Nick.”