How IndyPendence Job Corps Helped Student Lyvia St-Cyras Give School a Second Chance

Lyvia St-Cyras, a student at IndyPendence Job Corps Center, says Job Corps works.

“My Mom is definitely proud of me, and my dad is, too,” she says. “And after I came here, I never had doubts about it. I did want to give school a second chance because I definitely want to be something. Coming here definitely helps.”

The IndyPendence Job Corps Center is located on the 20th floor in downtown Indianapolis. Lyvia loves this campus – especially the view.

“Like who wouldn’t want to see this every day?” she laughs. “20 floors up. You get a view like this in each class.”

She says she can always talk with teachers and her counselor at the center.

“They give great advice. They have helped me a lot. Like my attitude has improved.”

Still Lyvia
Lyvia St-Cyras, student.

Lyvia says she used to think getting an education and getting trained was just too much hard work.

“It’s really not, though. It’s not if you want it for yourself. It can be. But it’s what you make it. Really. It’s not bad. I did it.”