How Julius Crowder Built a Lifetime Connection to Job Corps

Meet Julius Crowder, a senior security officer at the Charleston Job Corps Center in West Virginia. Julius is always walking the campus and talking to students, like Daniel.

“Daniel,” Julius asks. “How are you doing, son? How can I help you?”

“I get to talk to them,” he says. “I get to walk the campus. I get to keep the campus secure. It’s just a joy to me.”

Julius has been a security officer at the center for seven years. He has a great relationship with his supervisor and co-workers.

“I try not to miss work at all. I’m here every day.”

So, what drives Julius? First, you should know that he was once a Job Corps student himself.

“As a former student, I get to hear about their lives. I get to tell them about how it was when I went to Job Corps; how everything was. You know, sometimes they need people like us to talk to. I get to help them out in any way I can.”

Still Julius
Julius Crowder and Job Corps student.

How did Job Corps help Julius? He puts it this way. “Like I tell everyone, Job Corps saved my life.”

And Job Corps continues to save lives and prepare young people for career success. For Julius, this is much more than a job. “Do you feel like you’re making a difference? Yes, sir. I know I’m making a difference; I don’t just feel like it. I know I am. Because the students tell me all the time. And I still talk to former students. They call me. I message to check on them. It’s not just here, it’s bigger than this job. It’s a lifetime bond outside of this job.”