How the Corporate Office is Focusing on Mental Health

MTC’s Fit for Life program is moving full speed ahead. The program aims to help students, residents, and staff take small but meaningful steps to improve their overall health. We’ve addressed healthy eating and fitness during the first two quarters of 2022. We are now focusing on mental health. You, our awesome MTC staff, are doing amazing work! Let’s see what the corporate office is doing to balance their lives and keep a healthy mental outlook.

“We’re excited to give people here in the corporate office the chance to do yoga twice a week, “ said MTC Vice Chair Jane Marquardt. We gather as a group. Now that COVID is mostly over, we can gather in person again. We do it with our qualified and fun yoga teacher, and we all feel better together.”

Jane still
Jane Marquardt, Vice Chair

Brittany Blanch has been MTC’s yoga instructor for about five years. “Yoga is a great thing to incorporate into your life. Not only the physical and flexibility exercises, like helping with your aches and pains and releasing tension in your body. But the mental aspects of yoga by stopping and slowing down and taking the time to observe your thinking. It helps you reflect and connect with yourself. It gives you a clearer and calmer outlook. It’s a way of taking responsibility for your mental wellness.”

Brittany knows the value of yoga. “Besides doing this twice in the office, MTC offers the sessions via Zoom for those working from home. MTC cares about their employees and encourages them to be healthy.”

Brittany still
Brittany Blanch, Yoga Instructor

Accountant Lexie Frandsen has enjoyed the opportunities provided by the Fit for Life initiative. “I like that MTC cares about our mental and physical health,” Lexie said. I enjoy the yoga class, and they also help sponsor a CrossFit program and the walking club. I encourage everyone to give it a try.”

Jane says there are several benefits to yoga. “When I first started yoga, I thought of it as the physical benefits. It increases my strength and my balance. Soon I realized the mental health benefits. It reduces stress hormones, releases happy, feel-good hormones, and for lack of a scientific term, I can tell you it makes me feel better. So join me. Try it.”