Investing in MTC Employees Through the Job Corps Leadership Academy for Executives Program

“I definitely believe in the Job Corps program,” says Nitya LeoGrande, director of outreach admissions and career transition services at the Edison Job Corps Center in New Jersey. “If we support them and encourage them and lead them in the right direction, there are endless opportunities for them. It’s a very rewarding job to see the growth and to see them develop while they are here. And to know that we are contributing to their success.”

Nitya is part of MTC’s Leadership Academy for Executives, which provides extra training to a select group of Job Corps staff who want to seek greater career advancement with MTC.

“Since I have been here, I have learned so much and I have grown so much as a professional. I have had such professional development here. MTC has granted me such wonderful opportunities to succeed,” Nitya says.

Nitya LeoGrande, Edison Job Corps staff.

And she believes she definitely made the right decision working at Job Corps with MTC. “You will succeed here, so long as you’re willing to put the work in. And the resources are there. I’m very grateful for the opportunities I have been given by MTC.”

She says Gary Vesta, the facilitator of the program, made the difference. “I love working with Gary Vesta. He is such a great guy. He’s just very sincere, passionate, and works with integrity, and we all felt it.”

Besides learning at her own Job Corps Center, she has traveled for training at other MTC Centers and the corporate office. Also, monthly online training with team members and opportunities to learn and train at Job Corps and MTC national meetings.

“We had a lot of assignments to complete in the leadership program. One of them was to go out to the centers and visit and see how they operate over there. It was great.”

Leadership Academy for Executives.

“I definitely recommend going into the program, as it has taught me so much,” Nitya continues. “I have gained a lot of experience, and just the level of comfort I feel now just from having that support and having that guidance from MTC – I feel like I’m unstoppable. And I only want to grow even more from here.”