Job Corps Provides Eager, Professional Employees for Today’s Workforce

“Everybody is searching [for employees],” says Patty Garcia, store manager at the Los Angeles CVS store. “And I came into contact with the Los Angeles [Job] Corps, and they are phenomenal. Students are so eager to work and are eager to develop themselves. [Job Corps] will set up the interviews for us. And again, these students are so eager and they come with a resume and come prepared.”

Patty Garcia is a CVS store manager. She says she’s always looking for employees – and guess what? Daechelle Green, a Job Corps student in LA, is looking for employment.

“CVS offers us a lot of opportunities to gain job training, and it just shows that they really care and want us to stay there. They want us to improve and grow in the company,” she says. “So right now, I’m a store associate and I will have the opportunity to train to become a pharmacy associate.”

Stills Daechelle
Patty Garcia and Daechelle Green.

Daechelle says Job Corps is the way to do it. “You will get free room and board and job training. And all this academic assistance. There’s nowhere else where they will bring job interviews to you.”

And Job Corps students are shown what the work world –the real world – expects of them.

“They give them the tools that they need,” says Patty. “They have rules, guidelines, and you can see the respect they have [for the rules and others], and how they carry themselves. It’s a different level. It’s ‘Yes ma’am’, ‘Yes, sir.’ They’re dressed appropriately. You can see that there are rules and guidelines and they’re held accountable.”

“I work at CVS, and I love it!” states Daechelle.