Job Corps Residential Staff Help Transform a Students’ Educational Experience

Do you know someone who would make a great addition to MTC’s Job Corps team? In this video, Job Corps students and residential advisors talk about the program and the role residential advisors play in a student’s educational experience.

Students share a few comments about the staff and the benefits of the Job Corps program:

“The staff here are dedicated to only one thing: that’s helping us succeed.”

“We need staff to support the students, especially if they are going through a stage in their lives where they are trying to figure out what they want to do with their life.”

Stills Caleb
Job Corps student.

“The staff are great. They are very caring people and will give you time out of their day to help you with anything.”

“I’m grateful for Job Corps because I really believe it’s going to make a great change in my life.”

“Once I got to Job Corps, I changed. My whole demeanor changed. I was this whole different person than I am today. “

“I wasn’t getting anywhere. I felt if I came to Job Corps, I could get further than I was in my past life. Because when I came to Job Corps, I started a new chapter in life.”

Still Jaleel
Job Corps student.

“I love it. I love being here.”

“Job Corps was a great choice.”

Do you like to mentor and help young people? Then becoming a Job Corps residential advisor is just for you.

Stills for RA story
Job Corps residential advisor.

What is Job Corps? Job Corps is a federal program that gives young people job and life skills so they can support themselves and live great lives.

The students live on campus, and that’s where residential advisors come in. Residential advisors get to work with the students before and after their training day. It’s a blast!

What they do makes a difference for generations to come. Come be a part of this amazing team of residential advisors! Apply today!