Learning New Skills and Discovering New Passions: Avonti Johnson’s Success Story

Avonti Johnson is a student at the Earle C. Job Corps Center in Kentucky.

“My trade is [United Auto Workers] UAW, the advanced [automotive technician] program by Toyota. I am learning how to work on cars and fix people’s problems when they break down.”

Avonti smiles and continues, “Yeah, I’m very proud of the work that I do here. And the stuff that I learned, I think it’s a very useful skill and I like being able to put my hands to work and figure out problems.”

Avonti Stills
Avonti Johnson, Earle C. Clements Job Corps student.

Avonti Johnson grew up in Brooklyn, NY. After high school, she tried college, but it wasn’t working for her. She heard about Job Corps, but because of the pandemic, her entry was slowed down. Finally, she entered the Edison Job Corps Center in New Jersey. She then pursued advanced training at the Earle C. Job Corps center in Kentucky. “I’m grateful for the chance to learn a skill I knew nothing about before I got here.”

Avonti enrolled in the advanced UAW automotive repair program sponsored by Toyota. She loves the challenge of fixing the vehicles that are in the shop.

“It’s satisfying to be able to be able to take things apart on cars and then put it back together. And fix problems that arise in the system.”

Jody Hartley, her UAW T10 automotive instructor, says, “She is a very sharp person. She has passed four ASC tests. She is top ASE student in my class right now. Very willing to learn, very outspoken, and very articulate.”

Avonti Stills
Avonti Johnson, Earle C. Clements Job Corps student.

And she made it crystal clear this was one of her better decisions.

“I love it, I love being here. Even on days when it is more difficult, maybe because of outside stuff. I feel good coming into the shop and learning about stuff. I think it’s a good opportunity if you’re looking to learn a trade, you can put yourself to work and work with your hands.