Los Angeles Job Corps Student Charles Shelton Uses Education to Prepare for Future Career

Charles Shelton is a student and is part of the Transportation and Communication Union at the Los Angeles Job Corps Center.

“The reason I came to Job Corps was because I wanted to get a better education and have some more certifications under my belt,” says Charles.

He says he heard about Job Corps from one of his friends, who after graduating went straight to an exciting career in transportation. Not to mention, Charles has family members working in California’s Metro system.

“So, I figured transportation is something I can do, that I can see myself doing.”

But maybe it’s not ground transportation – how about the airlines?

“My career goal is to be a flight attendant. Students who are interested in working in the airline industry, they know exactly where they want to go. And, for me, that’s being a flight attendant.”

And Charles believes he made another good decision by participating in student government.

“Students like active leaders, students like to get involved. When I was the recreational chairman, I was involved with lots of students. I was making sure students get out and actually have fun on the weekends. When I was the president of the student association, I would interact with students and give them opportunities for community service and let them know anything they need to know about the program.”

Still Charles Shelton
Charles Shelton, LA Job Corps student.

He also enjoys the center music class in the evenings.

“I actually enjoy it. I really enjoy singing karaoke and singing popular songs and having fun with other students who are there as well.”

Charles plays the sax and is learning to play the piano and write music.

“For me, music is my go-to. Usually, when I’m not doing anything in or outside of Job Corps, I sit and I write music because that’s how I get my emotions out. That’s how I express myself, through music or through song. And it’s really fun!”