MTC Begins Annual Executive Leadership Academy for 2023

It’s that time of year again. MTC has begun its annual “Leadership Academy for Executives” program for 2023. This ten-month program helps prepare future Job Corps leaders for upward mobility, including the possibility of working as a center director.

“We’re excited to have you here,” welcomes Gary Vesta, director of education & training for MTC, as participants begin the program. “This is a program that has a long history with MTC.”

Over the course of the year, participants will meet for training at various locations, including Job Corps campuses and the MTC corporate office. Many participants are eager to develop the skills they need to become strong leaders.

“I anticipate this training will give me the tools I need to move to the next level,” says Woodstock Job Corps Center F&A Director Breon Johnson. “The world is changing, people are changing, students are changing, and I anticipate will give me the opportunity to collaborate with other people to figure out what the new best practices are.”

Still LAE
Participants in the 2023 “Leadership Academy for Executives.”

Cheryce Jeter, deputy director at the St. Louis Job Corps Center, says, “I’m looking forward to this training to help me better manage my staff, improve our overall culture on center, and team development. And I think I’m extremely lucky to have been chosen to participate in this training.”

Other participants expressed their desire to learn more about MTC and how corporate leaders can teach them how to be successful at their center. Nick Haw, career transition services (CTS) director at the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center, says, “I can see that over the course of the next ten months, I will have the opportunity to learn from MTC and center leadership. I will learn not only center operations, but also MTC operations. And I feel lucky and blessed to have [been] selected for this training program.”

Edison Job Corps Human Resources (HR) Manager Nitya LeoGrande stated, “I anticipate this is going to be [an] extensive and informative experience. I’m really excited to learn about the company and to gain a lot of experience from the program.”

MTC senior leadership appreciates the time and devotion participants give to this program. Scott Marquardt, MTC’s chief executive officer, told participants, “I really appreciate the fact that you’re in this program and it’s going to take a lot of time and hard work. But it means a lot to all of us. So, thanks for doing it. We appreciate it.”

Still LAE
MTC’s President Dan Marquardt and CEO Scott Marquardt.