MTC Connect Brings the Power of Oracle to MTC

MTC Connect is rolling full steam ahead, with its first major milestone coming on November 1st. On that day, we will transfer all of our finance processes to Oracle. In doing so, Infor Lawson, our current accounting system, will phase out as it relates to finance, except for payroll, which will move to Oracle on April 1, 2023.

Infor Lawson served MTC well for decades and has contributed to its success. However, MTC has outgrown the current system version, which will no longer be supported and invested in by Infor Lawson.

MTC’s fast-paced business environment demands software capable of adapting to continuous change. Oracle will meet the challenges and demands of this environment—today and in the future.

Oracle will be more flexible because it’s divided into modules that can be integrated into a larger application. With the ability to automate workflows, analyze data, and incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning insights, Oracle will be critical as MTC competes in an increasingly digital world. Oracle is scalable, secure, adaptable, and quickly accessible — capabilities that are in high demand in MTC’s ever-changing business environment.

Going forward, MTC can automate processes that previously required heavy manual intervention, such as reconciling financial accounts. In addition, our leaders will benefit from a comprehensive, real-time understanding of the organization’s financial and operational health.

Quickly, here are some of the benefits that Oracle will bring to MTC:

  • Improved business insight from real-time information generated by reports
  • Lower operational costs through streamlined business processes and best practices
  • Enhanced collaboration from users sharing data in contracts, requisitions, and purchase orders
  • Improved efficiency through a common user experience across many business functions and well-defined business processes
  • Consistent infrastructure from corporate to sites and from administrative to operations, with all business activities having the same look and feel
  • Higher user-adoption rates from a common user experience and design
  • Reduced risk through improved data integrity and financial controls
  • Lower management and operational costs through uniform and integrated systems

We look forward to November 1st as we complete this important milestone in MTC’s digital transformation and further its commitment to be a worldwide leader in social impact, transforming lives, and strengthening communities.