MTC Expands Social Impact Through New “Better Together” Initiative

Hi, I’m Dan Marquardt, president of MTC. Happy New Year! We look forward to your success and growth within the company and the social impact we’ll make throughout 2023.

Over the last few years, we made [it] a priority to expand the social impact we make by taking on various projects. These have included improving literacy, fighting hunger, improving physical and mental health, and combating homelessness.

It has been extremely rewarding to see our staff, those we serve, and our communities work together to create a better life for all.

In 2023, we’re focusing on three new initiatives: expressing gratitude, improving the environment, and strengthening communities.

For the first four months, we’ll turn our attention to expressing gratitude. Several studies show a strong connection between gratitude and overall well-being.

In the middle of the year, we’ll focus on improving the environment. There are several small changes we can all make to make a difference in our surroundings.

And during the last four months of 2023, we’ll combine our efforts to strengthen our communities. We appreciate the many communities in which we work and live and want to do whatever we can to make these cities and towns better.

“I’m thrilled to work alongside each of you as we help people improve their lives in a way only MTC BIONIC staff can accomplish.”

Still Dan
Dan Marquardt, President of MTC.