MTC Gratitude Event Honors Staff, Students, Residents, and Community Members

“This lunch is really our effort and MTC’s recognition of gratitude for everything that you do,” says Leann Bertsch, MTC’s senior vice president of corrections.

MTC hosted an event to thank the many people who help us achieve our mission of giving people hope, skills, and opportunities for a better life.

Leann Bertsch, Senior Vice President of Corrections.

The lunch was an effort to show MTC’s recognition of gratitude for everything that they do, like students and MTC staff working throughout the world, as well as key community partners like Brandon Hatch of Davis Behavioral Health who has teamed up with MTC to support mental health in Utah.

Another great partner is the Centerville, UT, police department. Chief Paul Child has worked with MTC for more than two decades.

Chief Child says it’s vital to have a strong partnership between law enforcement and local businesses.

“I was invited to the luncheon today and I didn’t know what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised with what happened. MTC is more about helping people, about training and assisting people out of some bad situations they might be in. They are trying to help them improve their lives.”

chief child
Centerville Police Chief Paul Child.

MTC believes gratitude is an important tool that helps everyone remember what matters most in life. And, it also helps strengthen us.

“I was really impressed today with the message of gratitude and with what I heard from the employees,” says Chief Child. “It sounds like there is a very good climate here. A climate of caring. A climate of giving gratitude.”