MTC Implements New Technology to Continue Being a “Leader in Social Impact”

To continue being a “Leader in Social Impact”, MTC recently implemented new technology systems. MTC President Dan Marquardt has a message to share with all MTC staff to thank them for their patience and flexibility during this big transition.

“We recently made a major change, transitioning to Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) and WorkForce Software. This was a significant undertaking. I would like to say thank you to all staff for your incredible patience, hard work, and dedication throughout the implementation of this new technology. Everyone has played an important role!

“The successful integration of this system was an enormous accomplishment – one that required flexibility and perseverance from all of us. Your willingness to embrace change, learn new processes, and troubleshoot challenges has not gone unnoticed. It’s your collective effort that has made this transition a smooth one, and I couldn’t be prouder of our team.

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MTC staff.

“As we continue to refine and optimize the system, your feedback remains invaluable. Please don’t hesitate to share your insights and suggestions with your supervisor or through the MTC Connect resource page on the [employee] intranet. Your input has a direct impact on our ongoing improvement.

“Your BIONIC approach to this change has made all the difference. Thank you for all that you do.”