New Book, ‘The People of MTC,’ Highlights 40 Years of Changing Lives

February 28, 2022


(SALT LAKE CITY, UT)—In commemoration of our 40th anniversary, Management & Training Corporation (MTC) is pleased to announce the book release of, The People of MTC.


Since 1981, MTC has helped tens of thousands of people improve their lives through education, job training, and rehabilitation. This book documents the four decades of growth and personal transformation that so many have experienced thanks to the compassionate, caring, and dedicated MTC staff. This coffee table style book highlights MTC’s first four decades through the eyes of current and former leaders, staff, students, residents, and others. It provides a vibrant and stirring look at MTC’s life-changing work throughout the world with beautifully-captured recent and historical photographs.


Readers of this book will learn the surprising reason that drove MTC’s founder, Dr. Robert Marquardt to risk everything he had to start the company. They’ll also discover how so many students and residents have gained education, technical skills training, and life-changing rehabilitation through a wide variety of MTC programs and opportunities.


In an excerpt from the book, MTC President Scott Marquardt outlined the relationship between a positive atmosphere and success in education. “It’s the MTC culture that creates an opportunity for change,” Marquardt said. “It gives people opportunities, if they are willing, to take a risk and go back into classrooms that they haven’t necessarily been successful in, in the past. We see them open up, try again, and get positive reinforcement. And it’s amazing what you can accomplish.”


This book has something for everyone. Deep dives into stories of rehabilitation, growth, and perseverance. Powerful first-person narratives from the patient, compassionate, and determined staff who helped thousands of individuals rise about their challenges to find great success.


About MTC

MTC is the nation’s leading operator of federal Job Corps centers and one of the nation’s leading contractors providing rehabilitation, education, and vocational programs at correctional facilities and immigrant processing centers. MTC’s key to success is helping people realize their learning potential and providing life-changing opportunities through academic, vocational, substance abuse and social skills training.  For more information visit: