Now an Instructor, Job Corps Alumni Summer Williams Inspires Students to Make Positive Life Changes

Summer Williams is the CNA instructor at the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center in small-town Morganfield, KY. She loves her job.

“Every day is something different,” says Summer. “You may come in and they’re having their best day. Or you may come in and someone needs to cry on your shoulder. But I do enjoy teaching them, learning from them, and learning about them.”

Summer grew up in Morganfield near the center. After graduating from high school and having a baby, she needed to get back to her education.

“I came to Job Corps [in 2008] because I knew they would help me through college,” she says.

Stills Summer
Summer Williams, CNA instructor.

Summer says she lived off-center, but Job Corps helped her with transportation, meal money, and encouragement.

“First of all, nursing school was nothing to joke around with,” Summer explains. “It was hard work. So, when you complete it, you feel like you have done something amazing. And then the staff I had here at Job Corps, they made me feel wonderful. They had a dinner for me and all that stuff once I was done with college. I felt great.”

And her students seem to appreciate that she’s one of them.

“You know that is one of the first things I tell them,” she says. “They all know I was a student here. A lot of students look up to me because of that.”

Stills Summer
Summer Williams, CNA instructor.

Summer says she is happy and excited about her future. “Life is good. I have two boys now. Bought a house two years ago, and I’m still living in Morganfield. I do plan on going back to school to further my education. I’m very grateful for the program. I love it here. The students actually make my day. I do love coming to work. If you’re ready for a life experiencing change, to better your life. Then come to Job Corps.”