Reggie Wilkinson: Inspiring Leaders to Make a Greater Social Impact in the Lives of Others

Reggie Wilkinson is a member of the MTC Board of Directors. He’s also the author of two books called “Leadership and Management: Connecting the Dots” and “Leadership and Management 2: Connecting the Dots”. Reggie recently spoke to Job Corps leaders during an MTC conference, discussing some of the key management topics from his books.

“The message [of the conference] was based on the two books I have written, Leadership and Management: Connecting the Dots, book(s) one and two … What I wanted to do with these books and these chapters [was] to connect all these topical areas under the auspices of leadership and management, and then let them, the leaders who read them, be self-governed about what’s most important to them.”

Stills Reggie
Reggie Wilkinson, member, MTC Board of Directors.

Reggie emphasized the importance of transformational leadership and explained how it can help leaders make a greater social impact in the lives of others.

“When you create a positive culture, and a positive culture is stimulated by leadership, then it can lead to all good things. It can lead to staff who are in a workplace that they appreciate. It can lead to the students, who we serve, to achieve, to leave Job Corps with a skill, with the enthusiasm about becoming a citizen making a difference, rather just another statistic.”

Reggie continues, “MTC has this deep commitment to social impact, to social justice, to creating positive cultures, and that resonates in a big way when they’re managing prisons and Job Corps centers and other operations around the world. So, [it would be] hard to find companies that have a bigger commitment to social impact than MTC.”

Stills Reggie
Job Corps leaders listen to Reggie’s presentation.