Watch the Latest MTC Update from President Scott Marquardt

As we look ahead to the fall and coming year, MTC President Scott Marquardt provides a timely update.

“I want to give a quick update on what’s happening at MTC. In Job Corps, we are all about enrollment; we need to get students back on center after COVID. The Department of Labor has changed some restrictions preventing people from returning. So now we have people, our students, coming back; that’s our number one priority.”

Stills Scott Update
Scott Marquardt, President, MTC

Scott continued, “In Corrections and Job Corps, staff vacancies have been a big issue. Many people have changed the way they want to work, so we have many vacancies.”

Finally, he underlined vital issues to consider. “Fortunately, we got some big help with the Service Contact Act, which is now being applied in Job Corps. And in Corrections, a lot of our customers have given us significant amounts of money to increase wages. Issue number one is staff vacancies, and issue number two is enrollment in Job Corps. But overall, operations are going great, and we have a great future. So, thanks for doing your part to make things go so well.”