What is Job Corps, and What Does it Provide? Part I

What do you love about Job Corps? Take a look below to see what some of MTC’s center directors have to say about the program.

“Job Corps is a great program. We continue to modernize and revolutionize our program and keep up with other higher learning institutions. Job Corps helped me become the man I am today.” – Ashton Stripling, Edison Job Corps (Edison, NJ)Auto Clearfield

“I love Job Corps because it’s about developing our youth into becoming successful adults in society and giving back to our community.” – Renee Wolf, Atterbury Job Corps (Edinburgh, IN)

“Absolutely Job Corps is a needed program. I came from the public education system [and Job Corps] allows students to work at their own pace and to work at their own style and with a lot of support.” – Dr. Kristen Benson, Wind River Job Corps (Riverton, WY)

“This is the best chance for students to have a successful career and long, happy life.” – Kim Zufelt, Tongue Point Job Corps (Astoria, OR)

“I really believe in Job Corps, and I really believe in our students. I think Job Corps is an amazing program, which has been around for many years. I love seeing the positive transformation that happens in the lives of the students.” – Dr. Shauntee Byron, Brooklyn Job Corps Academy (Brooklyn, NY)Students on Center Bronx

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Job Corps is the largest job training and education program in the country where youth can get the experience and skills they need to get started in a life-changing career. Job Corps is free to low-income youth and young adults ages 16 to 24, and we believe it really works. Apply today at this link.