What MTC Does to Change Lives Every Day: Part II

MTC correctional and detention facility leaders express how they feel the lives of the people we serve are being changed.

 “When they enter our facility, they have an opportunity to take advantage of a plethora of rehabilitative, educational, [and] therapeutic programming that is being offered by our staff. Because we want to see them go home to their families and to their communities better than when they came.” – Jesse Williams, Warden, Bay Correctional Facility

“Basically, I look at the work release center as a second opportunity. It gives the guys an opportunity to see something different in themselves, to tap into whatever it is that they want to do within the system, with training skills, job training skills, interviewing, [and the] needed skills that they’re going to need to return to society.” – Tracy Price, Director, Panama City Community Release Center

“Well, a lot of the time, as a result of that, guys will come up to me and say, ‘Thank you and your staff for caring, we never really thought anybody cared about us.’” – Darrel Vannoy, Warden, Wilkinson County Correctional Facility

Wardens Interviews Changing Lives PART CAPTION Still
A resident hugs a family member.

“The satisfaction is hard to explain. When you see lives change, you see them transformed. And then when the staff are part of it – it’s hard to explain when you see an inmate that may come to you with a hard exterior, but then when he leaves, he’s totally transformed. And even his family sees it, which is exciting.” – Pete Coffin, Warden, Oliver J. Bell Correctional Center

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