“Where Would I Be Without Job Corps?”: Job Corps Students’ Perspectives

Job Corps is a powerful program that changes the lives of young adults across the United States. See what students from MTC-operated Job Corps centers have to say about their experience.

“Before Job Corps, I didn’t know what I wanted my path in life to be. Through Job Corps, I have come to realize my potential and ultimately my end goal in life.” – Marquise Mosby, Student, Advanced Automotive Training

“Job Corps really is an asset. It definitely is. It’s helping me to get my career and a future for myself. And, I also have learned about many things in life.” – Lai Lian, Student, Advanced Auto Body Repair

Still Lai
Lai Lian, student.

“It’s the best decision I have ever made in my life. In retrospect, if I had not gone to Job Corps, where would I be?” – Aaron Brown, Job Corps Graduate

“Growing up I wasn’t really confident about myself—but once I got to Job Corps, I changed, my whole demeanor changed. I was this whole different person than I am today.” – Kasandra Rodriguez, Job Corps Graduate

“Well, the Job Corps program is very welcoming to all different kinds of people. It appeals to your senses – what you like, what you don’t like. It’s a very good surrounding to be in.” – Dondre Robinson, Student, Advanced Culinary Arts

Still Dondre
Dondre Robinson, student.

“The skills I learn in Job Corps, like success standards, the developing of intrapersonal relationships, independent living, all that comes together to change my life.”  – Omoniyi Alfred Oluokun, Job Corps Graduate

“I wanted to be successful, and I thought this was the best route. I got a trade, I got a high school diploma, and I feel like I’ve bettered myself since I came here.” – Salvador Salgado, Job Corps Graduate

Job Corps is the largest job training and education program in the country where youth can get the experience and skills they need to get started in a life-changing career. Job Corps is free to low-income youth and young adults ages 16 to 24, and we believe it really works. Apply today at this link.