Staying Positive With North Central HSA Polly Schmalz

The MTC Medical division provides medical services at many of the facilities we operate. The medical team at each site is led by a Health Services Administrator or HSA.

All of us throughout MTC want to take a moment to salute each one of our HSAs, knowing they represent the determination and fortitude of every member of their team at each facility where MTC Medical has a presence.

In this story, we pay tribute to Polly Schmalz, the HSA at the North Central Correctional Complex in Marion, OH. Tom Watson is the warden.

Polly: I think everybody is really positive with one another. There’s a good team here. Like the security team, they got a good team. The new warden we have here is excellent.

Warden Watson: She just brings a lot of knowledge and a positive attitude. And she has a high degree of organizational ability. They do a great job. I don’t have numbers on how many incarcerated individuals they see, but they’re constantly busy over there, they’re constantly working.

Polly Schmalz, NCCC

Polly: And I believe in trying to make it positive, have fun, laugh. They actually laugh at me, the supervisor. Because I will play music and joke with them, and I’ll sing to them. We just try to – we work hard when we’re here, but I just try to build the positive. For me, seeing people smile and be happy, doing their job.

Warden Watson: She’s just super dedicated, and hardworking, and she strives to fix things, not put a band-aid on things. She wants that department fixed and operating at the highest level she can get it.

Polly: I’m very proud of them, there’s definitely a lot more cohesiveness as a team, wanting to help one another. If it gets busy, instead of saying it’s not my job to stay over, people will just stay over.

Warden Watson: And they provide good quality care for the inmates.

Polly: To me, we save lives. We make a difference.

Polly Schmalz, NCCC