More than 20 men at the East Mississippi Facility Earn GED

The East Mississippi Correctional Facility in Meridian, MS recently held a ceremony to recognize the latest graduates: 22 men received their GED, while three others were awarded their bachelor of arts degree in Biblical studies.

Warden Frank Shaw spoke at the event.

“Graduates congratulations. It was a hard road, and you guys did it. When you’re in prison, it’s a whole different world and you have to deal with things every day that no one else has to deal with. You have all these things and challenges to deal with on a daily basis, and yet you overcame them all. And you’ve got this amazing, amazing accomplishment.”

The local newspaper was so impressed when they learned of the graduation, they published an article reporting on the event. Since MTC took over the facility in July 2012, 91 men have earned their GED.

Graduate Stephen Michael Combs spoke of his appreciation of staff members’ encouragement.

“When I see correctional officers on the zone and a guy doing his GED work, and they come by and say ‘what are you doing?’, they say, ‘I’m doing my homework’.  ‘That’s good. I’m proud of you. Keep going.’”