20 Years in Prison and Now This Man is Making a Difference at MTC’s Diboll Facility

A celebration at the Diboll Correctional Center. These graduates completed Therapon, a Christian program that helps incarcerated men change their lives through faith, accountability, and love.

“What is culminating today is going to open a brand-new chapter in each of your lives,” explained Bo Hodges who facilitates the Therapon program. “Knowledge is power.”

Bo can relate to a lot of these men in prison. He says he grew up in a home with an absent dad and a mother who just couldn’t keep up.

“And so that compelled me to go to the streets and have these older kids mentor me, which was the worst decision I could have ever made.”

Bo ended up using drugs and committing other crimes…and one day in particular changed his life forever.

“I robbed a drug dealer when I was 20 years old and inadvertently killed him in the process. And I came to prison.”

He spent 20 years inside Texas prisons and was released nine years ago.

“I still face challenges, but because of Therapon, I’m able to face the challenges. I’m able to stand and fight instead of running and capitulating every time a situation got difficult.”

Bo says Therapon works. Of 150 long-term offenders who graduated from the program, only four have ended up back in prison.

“And so, I think that is an awesome recidivism rate,” adds Bo.

One of the graduates of the Therapon program, Rossie Davis, says he’s grateful to be at Diboll where staff treat inmates with respect and there’s a real focus on rehabilitation.

“First and foremost, being here at MTC is a blessing within itself.”

Rossie says Therapon has a powerful way of helping incarcerated men to see themselves and their challenges more clearly.

“You have to open up and apply the hard truth of who you were, what you were. And you have to accept the accountability of your failures. And then change from that, apply the principles and beliefs that are here to your life.”

Both men praise MTC for its many rehabilitation programs, respectful staff, and a culture focused on helping these incarcerated men improve their current situation and prepare for a successful future.

“This is the best unit I’ve ever been at” says Bo. “And I love it. I love all the people here. And I just think it’s a good environment for these men to grow and gain a solid foundation so that when they leave here, they don’t have to return through the back gate.”

And although Rossie would rather be back home, he’s glad he’s at MTC’s facility.

“Diboll is a phenomenal place. There are very few facilities that are like this. Yes, I’m in prison. But this isn’t prison here. This is definitely a step toward the outside.”

About Diboll Correctional Center

Diboll Correctional Center is accredited by the American Correctional Association—
achieving 100% compliance for both mandatory and non-mandatory standards in
its most recent audit. Other accreditations and certifications include the Correctional
Education Association and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).